Constructions Systems Associates (CSA), Inc.

CSA provides engineering software and services to support plant and industrial facility design, 3D as-built documentation and asset management, focusing on user-friendly solutions that can be used by a wide range of plant employees and vendors.

The services provided by Ardmore Consulting Group, as a sub-contractor to CSA over the past several years include the following:

The industries served are Nuclear Power, Petrochemical, Ship Building, Semi-Conductor. The projects that Ardmore Consulting Group was involved in were for the following end-customers:

Recent Projects:

Creation of Laser Scanning Database and Engineering Model at the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant for Tennessee Valley Authority, Chattanooga, TN.
Period of Performance: September 2012 – April 2013.
CSA Project Manager: Amadeus Burger.

Creation of Piping Specifications and Libraries, and Engineering Model in PDS of the Varennes Polypropylene Plant for Tecnimont, Milan, Italy.
Period of Performance: August 2012 – January 2014.
CSA Project Manager: Amadeus Burger.

Software Training Services and Installation Support to Cadmatic Oy, Turku, Finland.
Period of Performance: December 2012 – January 2013.
CSA Project Manager: Amadeus Burger

Development of Custom Conversion Software Tools for net.engineering, Rome, Italy.
Period of Performance: May 2013 – December 2013.
CSA Project Manager: Amadeus Burger

For more information, contact Vineeta Prabhu at (404) 214 0457 or email at vineeta@ardmore28.com